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  • Why do I need an attorney? 

          I always recommend that you consult with an attorney for any legal matter you are facing. I am able to explain the charges you are facing, explain the possible penalties, give you an understanding of the court in which your charges are pending, and provide an outline of how I intend to fight your charges.


  • What types of questions should I be asking an attorney?  
  1. What is your experience in handling cases like mine? 
  2. Are you familiar with the Court in which my case is pending?
  3. How long have you been practicing law and what types of cases do you handle most frequently?
  4. What are the fees? 
  5. Are you the attorney who will be handling my case? 
  6. What is your process for developing a defense to my charges?
  7. Can you give me an idea as to how many cases you were able to resolve favorably, in terms of charges like mine?
  8. Do you participate in continuing legal education in the field of law based on my types of charges? 


  • What can I expect when I hire you? 

Communication! Communication! Communication! 

          At the outset of your case, we will discuss your communication preferences. Do you prefer phone calls, text messages, or email notifications? One of the things that clients complain about most is the fact that they do not understand what is going on with their case because they are unable to get in touch with their attorney. I never want my clients to wonder what is happening with their case. I provide copies of filings, reports, documentation, audio / video recordings, etc. I want my clients to understand every aspect of their case. You will receive a copy of every motion I file and an explanation about why I filed that motion. 

Realistic Summary of Your Case. 

          I never want my clients to be surprised with information that they were not expecting, and that is my reasoning in providing copies of all documentation for your case. It is your case and you should have access to everything! 

          Once our investigation is complete, we will have an in-depth consultation where we review the facts of your case and the possible outcomes. We will discuss the State’s position in your case and the pros and cons of accepting the offer or taking your case to trial. This practice helps clients understand what they are facing and decide how far they want to take their case.